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Award Winning Engineer, Producer Sandy Jones has been recording, developing and producing artists since the early 90s.

As a producer Sandy mainly focuses on getting the material pulled together , working with artists helping shape their on their own unique sound and style then capturing great performances in the studio trying to get the very best from whoever he is working with at whatever stage they are at .

“The Foundry gives me the confidence, the tools and a great working environment allowing me to focus on and deliver for any artist I get involved with”.

 “Training at The Foundry Music Lab ensures you are not only getting the information required ‘as per’ from each module, be it NC, HNC or HND, but also the experience of an Engineer actually working in the environment.”

Ted Blakeway has been involved in Audio Engineering since 1983. From humble 4 track beginnings up to the advanced systems of today. He was one of the first students to enroll at SAE London, graduated and started a full time position in his first studio in 1986. He moved to Pet Sounds Studio in Glasgow, working with – among others – Wet Wet Wet. It was whilst at Pet Sounds Ted won a coveted Ampex Golden Reel Award.
A phone call from SAE asking Ted to open a Glasgow campus resulting in 11 years as Manager/Lecturer of SAE Institute Glasgow.
In 2005 Ted, Sandy & Graeme built The Foundry Music Lab and Ted began running courses for Motherwell College, which won the Scottish New Music Awards “Best Music Course” in 2011. Nowadays Ted is most happy in the classroom training the engineers of tomorrow and passing on his wealth of knowledge

“For me, there’s no greater reward in studio life than completing a project where the artist is set within the most complimentary and effective musical framework, and creating the environment where they are inspired to give of their best.”

Graeme’s recording career began at Park Lane studio in Glasgow, where he had recorded as guitarist with some local musicians over several years in the late 70’s into the early 80’s.

His career continued as a guitar player, recording in many legendary studios: Hansa (Berlin), Puk (Denmark), Miraval (France), Real World, Sarm, Abbey Road, Air Lyndhust, Chipping Norton, Sawmills, Ridge Farm, Park Gate, and more (UK), Ocean Way (LA) The Hit Factory (New York), mostly with Scottish pop band Wet Wet Wet.
Watching and learning from world class engineers and producers, Graeme’s interest in personal ‘hands on’ recording was re-ignited with the advent of affordable digital multitrack units, moving rapidly to computer systems when hooking up again with long term engineer and producer buddy Sandy Jones.
Graeme and Sandy began working from the basement studio at Graeme’s home in Glasgow, but decided to build a production facility to enhance and expand the creative potential.

Enrolling long term engineer/educator friend Ted Blakeway, they planned, built and opened the Foundry Music Lab in 2006.

Looking at the client testimonials confirms the belief that the FML triumvirate have in the powerful mix of relationship coupled with technical and creative excellence.

The proof of the pudding, as they say……..